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Our Response to COVID-19

ARPIL 6, 2020


We are currently operating at full capacity, albeit most of our team is focused on the mass production of PPE units. This project is slated to keep our team busy for several weeks, but we continue to be dedicated to our customers nonetheless. We do ask that our customers try to limit urgent requests so we can focus on completing orders that are currently due. 


However, we continue to accept new customer orders for the future and are happy to bump existing orders to a later date as needed. 

Our team remains committed to excellence and quality throughout this time. 

-The PAC Management Team

March 25, 2020

Pioneer Aerofab Co, continues to operate at full capacity through March 25, 2020. We are awaiting approval on a prototyped PPE project, which will allow our team to be deemed "essential" and continue operations. If we do not have approval by the end of business Wednesday the 25th, we will close operations until we do. We are confident we will receive approval and the interruption in our daily operations will be minimal. At that time, we will continue supporting our customers to the best of our abilities. 


We will continue to keep our vendors and customers up to date here. We will continue to accept non-urgent orders throughout this time.


- The PAC Management Team 

March 19, 2020

Currently, the Pioneer Aerofab Co. is healthy and continues to be fully operational. We're committed to continuing to serve our customers for the foreseeable future. At this time, our supply chain has seen a minimal impact, allowing us to avoid missed commitment dates to our customers thus far. 

As uncertainty and impact grow, we'll post updates here. In the meantime, our mitigation plan is outlined as follows: 

  1. For monitoring of orders, you are welcome to email us 24 hours/day

  2. You may also reach us at our office Monday-Friday 9am-3pm PST: 360-757-4780.

  3. Your key contacts throughout this event are: ​​

  4. Currently, we have a standard amount of critical materials frequently used and are in close communication with our suppliers so we are aware of orders that may be impacted. 

  5. Our employees are aware that they will not suffer lost wages if they must quarantine or care for a loved one, as to promote healthy choices and minimize undue risk to our team. If an employee falls ill or must quarantine due to potential exposure, our path forward is to: 

    • Send employees home immediately and shut down operations for the day in order to deep clean and disinfect all areas. ​

    • All healthy employees will then be asked to stagger work schedules in two shifts to avoid close contact. 

    • We're working ahead now as much as possible to minimize missed orders in the coming weeks if our staff is effected. 

  6. If PAC's standard business operations are affected, ​we will implement overtime protocols once it is safe for our team to resume working in order to recover as quickly as possible.

At this time, our projected impact is minimal and we're grateful for our continued health. We are committed to delivering quality products on time unless we communicate otherwise. 

- Tim Williamson, President/CEO

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