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We are proud to partners with some of the most reputable brands in the aerospace industry. At Pioneer Aerofab, we understand that in order to create great partnerships we need to be great people. This is why our team embodies superior quality, exceptional customer service, and timely delivery with everything we make. 



You don’t need to be in first class, to have a first class experience. 

From economy to first class, our custom cabin furnishings will exceed your highest expectations. The Pioneer Aerofab team excels at fast turn around times with the ability to create beautiful cabin interiors meeting all AS9100 requirements. Ask about our “Spares” capabilities so you’re never left waiting on your most commonly used parts.



We go beyond your expectations so crews can go beyond theirs. Designing custom aircraft textiles requires expert design and craftsmanship. Our team of skilled engineers, designers, and sewers will take your engineering drawings and bring them to life- all while meeting strict industry standards. 



Our quality will impress you. Our service will amaze you. Just because your aircraft is carrying cargo, doesn’t mean the quality should be anything less than perfect. We take time to manufacture your parts with precise standards and unbeatable craftsmanship. 

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