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At Pioneer Aerospace, we bring over 50 years of experience to everything we do.

Pioneer Aerofab’s manufacturing capabilities include specialized equipment that helps us reach our AS9100 certified standards and provide our customers with the quality of care they’ve grown to expect. 


CNC Router

Our CNC team can meet the rigorous standards required of components and materials used throughout the Aerospace industry. From specialty fabrics and metals to Nomex® honeycomb or foams; our CNC capabilities ensure your products are cut perfectly. 


Sewing and Serging

Fabric and carpet are precisely sewn and finished by our skilled artisans. Our sewing team has incredible attention to detail with a level of quality unsurpassed.


Die Cutting

When you need even more specialty care, we’re here to help. Our die-cutting capabilities beautifully supplement our CNC cutting, allowing us to cut higher volume soft goods quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Design Tools

We use advanced software, include CATIA V5, to assist our customers with their design and development capabilities. Please note, we do not do engineering, design, or development in-house. 



Pioneer Aerofab Company, Inc. is also the only authorized distributor for Northwest Aero Textiles, supplying:


  • BMS8-343

  • Type I and Type III Cargo Liner

  • NW3610SF-1 10 oz. Silicone Coated Fiberglass

  • NW3650SF-2 50 oz. Silicone Coated Fiberglass


If you need these specialty products, please visit:

Other Capabilities
Our experts are involved through every step of the process. We’re involved as your designs begin to take shape so we can provide feedback with the nuances associated with aircraft textiles and soft goods. We know the right questions to ask so your team can save time as you complete your designs.

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